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CONVENTION PHOTOS 2009 Lee Cornell's Ventriloquism 101
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Vent Haven Convention Logo

Lee with Brad Cummings

with Bonita Riley

Albert Alfaro figures

More Albert Alfaro figures

with Nina Conti

with Bill DeMar

Diane Dunbar dealer's table

with Bob Isaacson (DVD)

with Jeffrey

Vent Haven curator Jen Dawson

with Jay Johnson

Philip Jones and Annie Roberts

Stephen Knowles and Dan Horn

with Jimmy and Betty Nelson

with Kevin Johnson

with Tim Selberg and Oliver

A Mary Ann Taylor puppet

John Parisi with a Howdy Doody marionette he made himself

Nacho Estrada

Jimmy Nelson and Bob Isaacson

Gary Owen manning the Axtell dealer's table

with Nick Pawlow

Gary Owen, Alex Reeve, Bill DeMar

with Sammy King (DVD)

Ventriloquist Sideshow figures

Ventriloquist Sideshow figures

with Stevo... and still tall

Jay Johnson with Lisa Sweasy

Tom Ladshaw and Leslye Hunter

Mark and Jody Wade

with Kimberly Yeager

Kimberly Yeager, David Crone, Kyle Scribner

Brian and Suzy Haner

Roy White and Willie

with Sylvia Fletcher

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