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CONVENTION PHOTOS 2008 Lee Cornell's Ventriloquism 101
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Lee with "America's Got Talent" 2007 winner Terry Fator

with Jeff Dunham on the midnight tour of the Vent Haven Museum

Bob Abdou and Steve Petruzzella

Dick Barry (right) demos his famous knife thru coat trick

Bill DeMar, Ken Groves, Dan and Sean Horn

Tom Ladshaw and Gottle O' Geer stalker Lisa Sweasy

with Jerry Layne

Mary Ann and Melissa Taylor

Blake Zander

Attendees pile into the dealer's room

David Turner

Santa Tom Myers


Charles Tryon

with Jimmy and Betty Nelson

with pro magician Dick Barry

Bonnie Halfond

Chris Donahoe

Bob Rumba

Alex Reeve

Phillip Jones

with Dan Horn

Media Coordinator Annie Roberts

Roy White

with Stevo and Pete Michaels

Bob Abdou and George Boosey

with Stevo and Blake Springfield

at lunch with Jerry Layne,Steve Levine and Dick Barry

Pete Michaels, Jr.

with Kimberly Yeager

Joe Lefler and Alex Reeve

Diane Dunbar

Dick Barry at his dealer's table

with Ken Groves (he's on his toes, folks-nice try Ken)


John Brooking, Lisa Sweasy, Annie Roberts, Al Moessinger

with Mark Wade

Tim Cowles

with Wednesday Night headliner Ken Lucas

Albert Alfaro figures

with Bill DeMar

Tim Selberg figures

Val and Julia Hilliker

with Tom Ladshaw

with David Turner

with Lisa Sweasy
Vent Haven Convention Logo

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