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CONVENTION PHOTOS 2006 Lee Cornell's Ventriloquism 101
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Vent Haven Convention Logo

Jerry Layne & Jerry Mahoney

David Turner &
Johnny Cash

Al Stevens and Donald Woodford

Landon Long

Al Getler & "The Jazz Man"

Stevo Schuling

Bill DeMar

Alan Semok & Jeff Dunham

Master figuremaker
Tim Selberg

Lee and Steve Axtell

Stephen Knowles

Al Getler, Pete Michaels, Doug Preis

David & Roenia Turner, Charlene Boley

Lee and Stevo Schuling

Ken Groves and Steve Taylor

"Fats" replica

Figures by Tim Selberg

Pete Michaels and Jiro Hanajima

Steve Axtell at his
dealers booth

Figuremaker Albert Alfaro
makes a new creation

Clay heads by Albert Alfaro

MAT Puppets

An attendee with his new
Knucklehead Smiff figure

Bob Rumba

Nacho Estrada and
Landon Long (again)

Charlene Boley and Tom Ladshaw

Lee and Pete Michaels

A rising star-

Pete Michaels, Jr.

Nacho Estrada

Lee and the Tim Selberg
figure he won in this years

Kelly Asbury, Lee and
Annie Roberts on the Vent Haven traditional blue shirt day

Kelly Asbury and Lee on the
Vent Haven traditional
blue shirt day

Vent Haven Executive Director, Mark Wade, and Lee

Lee and pro vent Jeff Dunham (who's DVD "Arguing with Myself" has gone platinum)

Magician Brenda Hahne and that

Landon Long kid again!

Creator and voice of the hit TV series "Alf," Paul Fusco, tries out an Axtell puppet

Mary Ann Taylor of
MAT Puppets

"Mr. Puppet" Bob Abdou

Bob Rumba as Groucho Marx

One of the best in the business, Dan Horn, and Lee

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