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REVIEWS Lee Cornell's Ventriloquism 101
Ventriloquism 101 continues to receive many wonderful comments and reviews from all over the world and we sincerely thank-you! If you'd like to have your comments appear here, please feel free to e-mail us! We'd love to hear from you and get an update on your ventriloquism learning progress!

Internet Review

"Hi Lee,

Daniel Buchholz here in Milwaukee and I've been remiss in thanking you for everything but, THANK YOU! 

I just recieved your order and I love it.  I am also on your list to recieve your newsletter and I have to say you have been a big, huge, huge help in helping me to learn this craft of ventriloquism. 

I am waiting to thank you personally and shake your hand for all you've done. 

I do get so much information from you I do think this thank you is long overdue. 

Till your next newsletter, my lips are the only thing I can keep still."

Dan Buchholz, Milwaukee, WI

Internet Review

"Dear Lee,

I really want to thank you for this awesome course. You can get a lot of ventriloquist items, which help you learn the tricks behind ventriloquism, but this one is by far the best one that I've encountered.

And I want to recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn ventriloquism. Even if English is your second or third language, this video course is something you want to have!

Like for me, someone from the Netherlands (Holland), that has english as his 2nd language, it's really helpfull & far better than any DVD course I've encountered.

Even in my native language there isn't any course that can compete with this one.

Thanks so much!"
Bram van Oostenbrugge - Stellendam, the Netherlands

Written Quote

"Hello, Lee!

My Ventriloquism 101 package arrived today...Great stuff! I've enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks for making your wonderful teaching available to would-be ventriloquists like me!"   
Thomas Schwartz, Tulsa, OK  

Written Quote

"Hello Lee,       

THANK YOU so much.  I just received my Vent 101 set today and at a quick glance I can tell the money I spent was well worth it. 

You have a great product and sell it at a fair price. 

Keep up the good work!"
Matthew Bobby, Westland, MI

Internet Review

" Hi Lee,

I have to tell you I am very impressed so far!  I love the fact you have Nick and the puppet helping out because it makes it very entertaining, as well as educational.

I have purchased a couple of other training DVDs/CDs, but yours is so much better that I was caught by surprise! 

I've learned more already from your program than the others put together! Very professional presentation!"

Gary Lenon, Hershey, MI

Written Quote

"Dear Lee,  

Just a quick note to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with your course!  

I've been working with puppets since I was a child and although I never mastered ventriloquism, I always regretted it - thinking I was too old and set in my ways to learn. Your course has re-affirmed so many important things:  

1) You're never to old to learn.  

2) Even if you're accomplished, there's always something new to learn.

Learning/improving your skills enhances both your act and the quality of your life - especially as a performer.  

All the freebies are WONDERFUL! The Pride & Joy pic gets more laughs than I ever expected and it works every time - it's a gem.  

Your easy going style and heartfelt support are a pleasure, and buying your course is one the absolute best investments I've made.  

Lee, if you're ever available for private lessons I hope you'll let me know. Once again kudos on a magnificent course!   Kind regards,"  
Peter Suslock, Stamford, CT

Internet Review

"Hi Lee,

I received your two DVDs. I can't thank you enough. Your VENTRILOQUISM 101 is truthfully the BEST. The information, presentation and the production quality was OUTSTANDING. I would recommend it above any other DVD, VHS or books on the subject I have read.

I also loved watching THE LEE CORNELL SHOW DVD. I really enjoyed watching you do my BIRD CAGE PRODUCTION. You did it well. All your magic was performed beautifully. Again, well done.

This was the first time I really saw you do ventriloquism. You are great. If I can get just half as good as you I will be happy. Too bad I didn't get started a little earlier in my life. Anyway many many thanks.
Dick Barry, Professional magician, 8 times nominated as "Best Parlour Magician" at the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle, San Clemente, CA

Internet Review

"I just wanted to say that I ordered, and received, Lee's Ventriloquism 101 course (along with the Maher course) and he did a wonderful job in this instructional video.

He's a pleasure to deal with and his website offers a fantastic array of products for the new vent (like me) or veteran vents.

This is not a paid advertisement. I just believe in spreading good news.
Shawn Patrello, Dallas, TX

Written Quote

"Dear Lee,
Hi. I just got home from work and had to write to you.

I got all of your materials for the "101" course and I have been pouring over everything in the last week. I read the little booklet twice, listened to the CD twice, and watched the DVD twice. (You are a really great performer, by the way. It is really helpful to watch you in action).

You are really an EXCELLENT teacher. I am absolutely fascinated by what I have learned from you just so far."
David Barbara, Columbus, OH

Internet Review

"Dear Mr. Cornell,

Many thanks for your video and booklet. Your video is quite good and the accompanying booklet is well written, clear, and succinct...a great help. I also have the (......another video on ventriloquism.....) purchased over a year ago, and, while it is adequate, your video is much better and more detailed. I continue to admire and play your video. Thank-you again for the timeliness with which you responded to my order."
Dr. John F. Gay, Toledo, OH

Written Quote

"Hello Lee,

Your video and book have arrived! I have been through the book and video once already. The video is great! I will start practicing in earnest now and will let you know how I get on. Thanks!"
Ashoka Reddy, Leeds, United Kingdom

Internet Review
"The production quality of Ventriloquism 101 is very good. It has lots of information and a great co-host, our bird puppet Vern! (Artie)."
Steve Axtell, Axtell Expressions, Inc.

" Lee has very still lips and his pronunciation is crisp and clear. This video is well thought out and produced so that even the youngest of potential ventriloquists can understand it."
Dialogue Magazine, Vent World Assn. Vol.17, Number 3

"Dear Lee, received your (Ventriloquism 101) packet. It looks and sounds great! I will begin promoting your video and before too long should start taking some orders. I look forward to carrying this fine product."
CJ Lovik, Amazing Puppets

Written Quote

"It’s very helpful to watch and hear Cornell, who is an accomplished ventriloquist indeed. His lips do not move. This package is a good way for you to explore the possibility of adding variety to your magic act. Recommended."
The Linking Ring Magazine, International Brotherhood Of Magicians, Vol.79,

Number 5

Internet Review

"Hi Lee,

I ordered your video and got it a few weeks ago. Since then I have watched it four times. It is great!"
John E. Scoates, Orange Park, FL

Internet Review
"Hi. I received the video in the mail yesterday and have already watched it. It is great! It is just what I needed to refresh and get interested (in ventriloquism) once again. Thanks for your prompt service."
Cherri Lynn, Ft. Myers, FL

Written Quote
"Hi Lee, have played your video twice already and read through the booklet you enclosed. Well done, and stimulates me to procede with my studies. I'll be looking at the video from time to time for inspiration. One thing I would have liked to see would be a close-up of your mouth doing the hard sounds! You sound so natural, I can't believe you're substituting (letters & sounds). Are you sure there isn't somebody "behind the screen?" Thanks again. I would recommend the video to anybody."
Dr. Russell Myer, Red Bluff, CA

Written Quote
"I looked at Lee's DVD. I found it to be well done, and educational. He mentions things I never thought of. Lee knows what he is doing. I learned from his video. It runs around an hour, longer if you work with it. I recommend it."
Bill DeMar, ventriloquism legend and performer for over 50 years, Evansville, IN

Internet Review
"Lee, got the Ventriloquism 101 video yesterday. Of everything I've read or watched your video is the best. I like the way it takes you through step by step. I am having problems getting a voice I like but I think you have helped me with that."
Tony Vaci, Oak Lawn, Illinois

Written Quote
"Lee, you probably don't remember me, but I ordered the Maher course from you along with your video last year. I finally finished and received my diploma in the mail the other day. I'm doing pretty good and having a good time with my figure Milo. Your DVD really helped me. I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks and I hope to see you at a future Vent Haven convention soon. Take care."
Scott Collier, Lindenwold, NJ

Written Quote
"Dear Lee,
Your course is outstanding. I read your booklet "Ventriloquism Revealed" and had a strong working knowledge on ventriloquism before I even watched the video. Your Ventriloquism 101 course did what you said it would do. I can do ventriloquism. I'm as happy as a hillbilly pig in a mud pie! I love my new skill and want to do it all of the time!"
George Cox, Newton, NC

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